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How to Enter the Criminal Justice Field

Criminal justice is the system that enforces the law thus protection of a nations citizens. It prosecutes the lawbreakers and also punishes those guilty of crime deed. It is an enjoyable career path for people who enjoy learning and understanding federal laws and also those that enjoy upholding them. Launching a career in in criminal justice requires a completion of a certificate or a degree for the best career. The field of criminal justice is divided into law enforcement that apprehends the law. Legal system is responsible for sentencing the crime doers while the correctional system is responsible for reforming the criminals.

There are many good salary careers in each system of the criminal justice. Most of the criminal justice careers are available in the local states, federal governments and also in the private sectors with the required educational requirements. Association with the right professionals in the criminal justice department gives one a guideline in choosing the best career. As a law enforcement officer one can choose a career as a police officer, game warden, detective, county sheriff, park ranger and state trooper. A certificate takes one year of completion while a degree takes about two years. Also depending on one’s career choice masters and doctorate degrees are also available online in most colleges and universities.

It is much more important to carry thorough research on various job opportunities available after undertaking a criminal justice program to make the best possible conclusion. Research could be through consultations and also online in various employers websites. In the correctional system one could choose a career as a juvenile probation officer, parole officer, correctional officer or become a federal probation officer. Indeed the criminal justice careers are endless and choosing to become a federal law enforcer one can choose a career and be an FBI special agent, federal air marshal, DEA agent and CIA agent.

The combined theory and skills provided by the criminal justice program installs the student with the knowledge needed to meet each of the employer’s demands. It is also important to pass the exams required either physical or physiological to enhance endurance and in order to meet the discipline of each career. In the criminal justice program legal careers include; judges, prosecutors, defense attorney, court clerks and legal researchers. Forensic science careers one can choose a career as a forensic nurse, pathologist or crime scene investigator. And indeed one can become a private investigator or even a security officer.

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